Chucky and Tiffany’s twin children Glen and Glenda little Glenda gets in a fight with her cousins at a family gathering they break her doll they fight her she screams in pain when she falls to the ground her daddy Chucky rushes to her picks her he gives her a nap up her cousins apologize for hurting her

It was a sunny afternoon, and the entire family had gathered at the sprawling home of Chucky and Tiffany. The notorious couple had settled down after their chaotic past, and together they had become the proud parents of twin children, Glen and Glenda. Despite their unusual lineage, the twins were relatively well-behaved, always striving to prove themselves to be good-hearted dolls. On this particular day, the family had decided to celebrate Glen and Glenda's seventh birthday, surrounded by their extended family of dolls. The backyard was festively decorated, with colorful balloons and streamers adorning every corner. The children excitedly ran around, playing various games amidst giggles and laughter. Glen joined his cousins in a game of tag, while Glenda was left to entertain herself in a small corner. In her hands, Glenda clutched her favorite doll, a cherished gift from her grandmother. The doll had been with her since she was a baby, providing solace and companionship during the darkest nights. With its soft blue dress and blonde curls, Glenda loved the doll more than anything else in the world. As she watched her cousins playing joyfully, Glenda felt a pang of sadness. She longed to be part of the merriment, but her shy nature prevented her from joining in. Suddenly, Glenda's older cousin, Ethan, accidentally bumped into her, sending her doll flying through the air. As it crashed against the concrete ground, the doll's delicate face shattered into tiny pieces. Glenda let out a scream of anguish, feeling her heart break in tandem with her beloved toy. She fell to the ground, clutching the shards of her doll as tears streamed down her porcelain cheeks. It was an anguished sight that quickly caught the attention of her father, Chucky. His once mischievous eyes filled with concern as he rushed towards his little girl. Chucky scooped Glenda up in his plastic arms, cradling her gently. "What happened, my sweet girl?" he whispered, his voice filled with both love and wrath. Glenda sobbed, recounting the unfortunate incident to her doting father. Her cousins, realizing the impact of their carelessness, hurriedly approached with guilty expressions. Each one apologized sincerely, promising to be more cautious in the future. Understanding that accidents happen, Chucky nodded, brimming with parental pride. He gently wiped away his daughter's tears, assuring her that he would fix her doll. Days turned into nights as Chucky tirelessly worked to restore Glenda's beloved companion. His nimble fingers sculpted and painted, ensuring that the doll was as good as new. Glenda watched intently, admiration and gratitude shining in her eyes. She knew she was lucky to have a father who cared so deeply for her and her happiness. Finally, the day arrived when Chucky presented Glenda with her newly repaired doll. Her eyes widened with delight as she found herself face to face with a more beautiful version of her cherished toy. The doll's features had been meticulously recreated, and its once shattered face was now radiant with a newfound resilience. Glenda clutched her doll close, her heart swelling with love. She turned to her cousins, who stood nearby, remorsefully awaiting her response. With a forgiving smile, she hugged each one tightly, accepting their heartfelt apologies. From that day forward, Glenda understood that love and forgiveness were essential in any family, even in the world of murderous dolls. And so, as the family gathered once again, the air filled with laughter and joy. Glen and Glenda played together, side by side, as Chucky and Tiffany looked on, proud to have raised such compassionate and forgiving souls. In the midst of the chaos, their love prevailed, creating a foundation of acceptance and understanding for their little doll family.