Chucky and Tiffany’s children Glen and Glenda shooter in their classroom under lockdown Chucky and Tiffany worried about their children the classmates call 911 the police don’t come Glen, Glenda, the teacher classmates fight the shooter who shot some their classmates when they break the window to get out when Chucky and Tiffany find them and cradle and hold them

Chucky and Tiffany, the infamous doll couple, had settled down after years of terrorizing unsuspecting victims. They had become parents to two beautiful dolls, Glen and Glenda, who were the perfect blend of their sinister genes. Little did they know that their dolls' peaceful lives would soon be shattered by a horrifying incident. One sunny morning, as Glen and Glenda attended their regular classes, an announcement crackled through the school's intercom, sending chills down the dolls' spines. "Attention all students and faculty, this is Principal Anderson. We are now under lockdown. There is an active shooter in the building. All students, please remain in your classrooms and follow the lock-down protocol." Chucky and Tiffany's hearts sank at the sound of those words. Fear consumed their minds as they desperately tried to reach their children. They were just dolls, unable to move or leave their home, completely helpless. Inside the classroom, Glen and Glenda were huddled with their classmates, their tiny bodies trembling with fear. The air became thick with tension as the sounds of gunfire echoed down the hallways. Panic and confusion took hold of their young minds as they clung to each other, seeking whatever comfort they could find. One brave classmate managed to call 911 and plead for help, tears streaming down his porcelain face. The operator assured him that help was on the way, but time seemed to stand still as they anxiously waited for the sound of sirens. Minutes turned into an eternity, and they realized help might not come in time. The dolls understood they had to take matters into their own hands to protect their children and classmates. With a collective agreement, Glen and Glenda, along with the guidance of their teacher, devised a plan. They would fight back, using their small but fierce bodies as weapons. Strengthened by the bond of friendship and love, they would not be victims. One by one, Glen, Glenda, and their classmates took turns distracting the shooter, buying time for others to escape. They found innovative ways to disarm and hinder the assailant, each act emboldening their determination to survive. They fought with every ounce of strength within them, facing grave danger head-on. As they broke the window to make their escape, the shooter managed to get a few shots off, injuring some of their classmates. It was a painful moment of sacrifice, but their brave actions allowed more lives to be saved. Outside the school, chaos reigned as police cars raced towards the scene. Sirens wailed in the distance, and the dolls could only pray that help had arrived in time. Meanwhile, Chucky and Tiffany, filled with agony and worry, managed to find their way to the school. Braving through the obstacles that stood in their path, they finally reached the shattered classroom window, their tiny children's faces covered in tears, stained with both sorrow and relief. With trembling hands, Chucky and Tiffany scooped up Glen and Glenda, cradling them close to their stitched hearts. They whispered words of love and reassurance, promising their children that everything would be alright. Emotions overwhelmed them all as they gazed upon the scene of bravery and survival. Tears mingled with their painted expressions as they celebrated the courage displayed by their children and their friends. These dolls, once feared by many, were now witnesses to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. In the aftermath of the harrowing incident, the dolls joined forces with the survivors, becoming advocates for gun control and safety in schools. They fought for change, ensuring that no other child, human or doll, would have to endure such horrors again. Their tale became an inspiration, spreading the message of unity, bravery, and the power of love. Glen and Glenda grew up to be compassionate dolls, determined to make the world a safer place for all, as they carried the memories of that fateful day in their hearts forever.