Chucky and Tiffany’s twin children Glen and Glenda’s friend warns them at his Halloween party about a ghost named Abagail the candy goes missing and so do some of the guests Glenda goes missing after screaming Abagail Chucky and Tiffany find her unharmed they watch the camera footage seeing Abagail take the candy Chucky and Tiffany protect their children and carry them home

Chucky and Tiffany were exhausted parents; their mischievous but lovable twin children, Glen and Glenda, constantly kept them on their toes. With Halloween approaching, they were excited to drag their little ones to their friend's much-anticipated Halloween party. Little did they know that this night would turn into a terrifying adventure for the entire family. The party buzzed with excitement as the guests arrived, all adorned in creative and eerie costumes. Glen and Glenda were thrilled, running around and giggling with their friends. Their friend, Harold, pulled them aside with a serious expression on his face. "Listen, you guys," Harold whispered, glancing around. "I've heard rumors about a ghost haunting this area every Halloween. They say her name is Abagail, and she has a strange obsession with candy. You kids need to be careful tonight." Glen and Glenda's eyes widened with fear, but they assured Harold that they would be cautious. Little did they know that these ominous warnings would prove to be more than just Halloween tales. As the evening progressed, the party was in full swing. The candy bowl boasted an impressive array of sweets, tempting everyone who passed by. But as the night wore on, whispers of missing candy began to circulate throughout the haunted house. Curiosity got the better of Glen, and he decided to investigate. He snuck away to the surveillance room, where Harold had set up a series of security cameras to monitor the guests. As he rewound the footage, his heart skipped a beat. There, on the screen, was a pale figure in a tattered dress, sneaking around the candy bowl. It was Abagail, the ghost Harold had warned them about. Panicking, Glen rushed to find his parents. "Dad! Mom! You have to come quick!" he cried, his voice trembling with fear. Chucky and Tiffany rushed to the surveillance room, terrified by Glen's urgency. They watched in horror as Abagail effortlessly swiped the candy, her ghastly features sending shivers down their spines. Their instinct to protect their children kicked in, and they knew they had to act quickly. As they exited the surveillance room, Glenda let out a blood-curdling scream. The party fell silent, and the guests turned in horror towards the source of the commotion. Glenda pointed towards an empty corner of the room, her voice barely a whisper as she cried, "Abagail!" Chucky and Tiffany's hearts stopped as they scanned the crowd, frantically searching for their missing daughter. Panic flooded their minds, but they refused to give in to despair. They stormed through the party, determined to find Glenda and confront Abagail. Their search led them to a dark, secluded parlor, where they found Glenda unharmed but visibly frightened. She clutched onto her parents, tears streaming down her face. Chucky and Tiffany breathed a sigh of relief, grateful to have found their beloved daughter. As they gathered their children, they vowed to put an end to Abagail's reign of terror. Armed with their love for their family, Chucky and Tiffany fought to reclaim the stolen candy and protect their children. Returning home, the family huddled together, thankful to be safe but still wary of the ghost lurking in the shadows. They knew their Halloween adventure had bonded them even closer, instilling in them the importance of family and the unbreakable strength their love offered. From that night on, Halloween would always be more than just costumes and candy for the family. It would be a reminder of the supernatural dangers they had faced and conquered together, and the unyielding love that held them all, bound as one.