Wright a naruto fanfiction about if the kyuubi offered Kushina Uzumaki a deal that she could use his power and he wouldn’t try and brake out if she would go into the seal and let him tie her up

Title: Chained Bonds of Redemption Kushina Uzumaki, the fiery-haired kunoichi, had faced numerous challenges throughout her life. As a jinchuriki, she had experienced the devastating power of the mighty nine-tailed fox, the Kyuubi. But now, something unprecedented was about to occur - an unexpected deal that would forever change her destiny. Amidst the chaos and destruction created by the Kyuubi's rampage in Konoha, Kushina found herself standing at the epicenter of the battle. The village was in ashes, lives were lost, and hope seemed scarce. As she fought her way through the rubble, a chilling voice echoed in her mind - one she had grown all too familiar with. "Kushina Uzumaki... I offer you a deal," the Kyuubi's voice resounded within her consciousness. "If you allow me to harness my power through you, I promise not to attempt an escape from the seal. In return, you must willingly enter the seal and let me bind you, forming a new connection." Kushina halted, her heart racing as the implications of the Kyuubi's proposition settled in her mind. She had always despised this beast, but she knew that its immense power could be utilized for the greater good. Could she truly trust the Kyuubi? Was this her chance to protect the village she loved? After a moment's hesitation, Kushina accepted the proposition. She knew that this was an opportunity to redeem herself. With courage coursing through her veins, she headed towards the hidden chamber where the seal resided. She was resolved to forge a new path, against all odds. Immersing herself in her thoughts, Kushina reached the final chamber. As she stepped in, the Kyuubi's chakra began to surround her, an ethereal glow enveloping her body. The chakra twisted and contorted as if forming chains, gradually wrapping around her in an intricate pattern. Each chain felt like a symbiotic connection, binding her power with the Kyuubi's. The moment the chains settled, Kushina felt an overwhelming surge of power welling within her. But instead of being consumed by the Kyuubi's rage, she retained control over the wild energy. It flowed through her, fueled by her determination to protect her family, her friends, and Konoha. Alarmed by this unforeseen bond, the Kyuubi roared in her mind. "You dare defy me, little jinchuriki? I am the embodiment of destruction and chaos!" Kushina's eyes glowed with conviction as she addressed the beast. "I won't let you control me any longer. We can coexist, pushing each other to become stronger as one. If we embrace the darkness within, we can use it to protect what we hold dear." Unwilling to accept this defiance, the Kyuubi attempted to break free, testing the strength of the new connection. But as its power surged through Kushina's body, a newfound serenity blossomed within her. She was awakened to the possibility of channeling the Kyuubi's rage into a righteous flame. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Kushina trained diligently, honing her skills while learning to control the formidable energy that flowed through her. She became a beacon of hope for Konoha's citizens, a living testament to the power of redemption. With each passing day, Kushina grew more aware of the Kyuubi's influence. Despite their initial animosity, the two formed an unlikely bond founded on mutual respect and a shared purpose - protecting Konoha. As time passed, the once-fiery beast began to recognize Kushina's strength and her unwavering commitment. As news of the Uchiha clan's uprising reached Konoha, the village found itself on the precipice of another catastrophe. Sensing the threat, Kushina embarked on her most critical mission - to quell the rebellion and restore peace among their ranks. The Kyuubi's power surged through her, a raging inferno within. But this time, Kushina had absolute control. She fought relentlessly, her crimson hair blending with the Kyuubi's fiery aura as it dispersed regiments of Uchiha shinobi. Through her actions, she reminded her enemies of the cost of inciting chaos and destruction. In the aftermath of the battle, Konoha emerged triumphant. But Kushina was changed forever. She recognized that love, understanding, and acceptance had brought her to this point. She had forged an unprecedented bond with the Kyuubi, transforming it from a destructive force into a guardian spirit. Resting her hand on her stomach, Kushina whispered serenely, "Our son... Naruto... will bring about a new era of unity. I will protect him with everything I have, just as I protected this village." In that moment, Kushina knew that her destiny was intertwined with the fearsome Kyuubi. Together, they would navigate a path shrouded in uncertainty, using their newfound strength to vanquish any darkness that threatened their precious home. And thus, in the depths of her soul, Kushina took solace in the knowledge that love, redemption, and unwavering determination could transform even the most terrifying forces into the embodiment of hope.