Chucky and Tiffany’s children Glen and Glenda Chucky meets a famous guy he agrees to babysit his daughter thinking her Glen and Glenda will be friends she torments Glen and Glenda Glenda tries to tell the truth about but Chucky doesn’t believe her scolds her snd sends her to her room when she blames Glenda for breaking a vase she broke Glenda tries to attack her but is sent to her room he sees for himself and apologizes to Glenda Daddy’s Baby

Once upon a time, in the quiet town of South Falls, lived the notorious killer doll, Chucky, and his equally deadly partner in crime, Tiffany. What made this duo even more terrifying was the fact that they had their own little family of pint-sized murderers, Glen and Glenda. Glen, the timid and innocent-looking son, possessed a conscience that clashed with his upbringing. He was desperate to break free from the darkness that consumed his family. On the other hand, Glenda, the mischievous and rebellious daughter, embraced her demonic nature with open arms, relishing in the chaos and destruction that surrounded her. One fateful day, Chucky received a peculiar request from a famous celebrity, Mr. Johnson. He needed a babysitter for his precious daughter, Emily. Intrigued, Chucky saw this as an opportunity to introduce Glen and Glenda to another child their age, hoping they would become friends and perhaps even learn a thing or two about normalcy. As Mr. Johnson dropped off Emily at their heavily guarded mansion, Chucky eagerly waved him goodbye. Little did he know, Emily had a hidden side, one that relished tormenting innocent souls. Glen and Glenda, seeing the wickedness lurking in Emily's eyes, were instantly apprehensive. Days turned into weeks, and Emily's presence became a constant nightmare for Glen and Glenda. She would pull their strings, pinning them against one another, and reveling in their misery. Glen, with his gentle nature, would often find solace in his sister, Glenda. Glenda, however, grew tired of Emily's taunting. She strongly believed that her father should know the truth about Emily's malevolence, but Chucky dismissed her concerns, convinced that Emily was just a normal little girl. Frustrated and desperate, Glenda decided to take matters into her own doll hands. One afternoon, as Emily played with a fragile vase in the living room, Glenda finally snapped. She lunged at Emily, trying to warn her about the evil residing within her porcelain exterior. But Chucky, witnessing the chaos, intervened before Glenda could make contact, sending her to the confines of her room. Chucky scolded Glenda, thinking she was the one responsible for the shattered vase. Broken-hearted, Glenda tried to explain that Emily was the true culprit, but her words fell on deaf ears. Glenda was sent, teary-eyed, to her room, isolated from the world she yearned to protect. Days turned into nights, and Chucky, now resting upon his bloodstained armchair, contemplated the recent events that had taken place. In the depths of his thoughts, it struck him like a bolt of lightning. He realized that he had been blind to the true nature of the precious girl he had eagerly taken in. With a newfound fire in his eyes, Chucky ventured towards Glenda's room, ready to admit his mistake and make amends. Opening the door, he witnessed the devastation Emily had inflicted upon his daughter. Broken toys and scattered drawings filled the room, remnants of the chaos that had befallen Glenda. Filled with remorse, Chucky immediately apologized to his daughter, embracing her tightly. "I'm so sorry, my little monster. I should have believed you," he whispered, tears staining his plastic cheeks. Grateful for her father's understanding, Glenda forgave Chucky, vowing to mend their fractured bond. From that day forward, Chucky would never let the darkness overshadow his daughter's truths. Together, they would fight against the evil lurking in the world, side by side, father and daughter. And so, in the heart of South Falls, a new chapter began. Glen, Glenda, Chucky, and Tiffany would face the challenges of a world that feared them, armed with the knowledge that true love and family could conquer even the most menacing of nightmares.